Do You Qualify for Innocent Spouse Tax Relief?

If you are a survivor of domestic violence and you are facing claims by the government for federal income taxes, interest, or penalties due, there are some protections under the law that could help you.

If you qualify, the best form of relief is called "Innocent Spouse Relief." To find out if you qualify for Innocent Spouse Relief, please Begin the Tax Relief Questionnaire

If it appears you qualify for Innocent Spouse Relief, you will be directed to the tax form you need to complete. We have added important safety tips about completing the tax form that you can access by clicking on icons we added to the form.

If it appears you do not qualify for Innocent Spouse Relief, you will be directed to a series of FAQs that explain other potential forms of tax-debt relief you can pursue.

Begin the Tax Relief Questionnaire

Internet Safety Tips

For your safety, it is recommended you use a computer only you have access to before working online with domestic violence related resources.

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If you feel you are being monitored, be cautious about changing your internet behaviors.

  • It is not possible to delete all of your online activities. Do not delete your entire Internet history if this is not your typical habit.
  • On a safe computer, familiarize yourself with how to view and delete specific items from your history as it applies to your browser and operating system. For example, if you use Google Chrome, run a Google search for "chrome delete history".

Familiarize yourself with keyboard shortcuts that allow you to quickly close browser windows and tabs.

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About John Marshall's Domestic Violence Clinic

The John Marshall Law School’s Domestic Violence Clinic assists survivors of domestic violence engaged in the brave and often perilous journey of becoming safe and whole again through legal assistance in nine practice areas: (i) orders of protection and divorce/parentage/child protection, (ii) immigration relief, (iii) debt relief/credit repair, (iv) tax liability relief, (v) employment protections, (vi) housing protections, (vii) crime victim compensation, (viii) estate and financial planning, and (ix) criminal defense based on self-defense. In order to receive legal representation from us, a prospective clients needs to receive risk assessment and safety planning from a domestic violence service organization that then refers the prospective client to us on our referral and intake forms. We currently work with the following nine domestic violence service organizations:

  • Apna Ghar
  • Between Friends
  • Chicago’s Children’s Advocacy Center
  • Connections for Abused Women and Their Children
  • Elgin Crisis Center
  • Family Rescue
  • Mujeres Latinas en Accion
  • Rape Victim Advocates
  • Sarah’s Inn

The Clinic also develops educational and training programs and materials to better enable survivors to exercise their rights, and the Clinic crafts empirical-based proposals to improve the legal system’s response to domestic violence.